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Investigating Aurasma

18 Jan

Aurasma is a fascinating app that allows you to link presentations/work files/audio or video to a picture trigger. The description from the app store states:

“Aurasma is an augmented reality app that’s changing the way millions of people see and interact with the world. Bring tagged images, objects and even physical locations to life with interactive digital content, such as video, animations and 3D scenes, we call Auras.”

Here is an introductory video.

Find out more at this great blog post by Richard Wells, (iPad 4 Schools).

Bring schools to life with Aurasma app

What Makes A Useful App?

17 Jan

The following article by Ms Lirenman offers some excellent advice as to what apps you should be using in an educational setting.

Eight Questions I Ask Before an App Can Stay on Student iPads

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