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Locking The iPad To One App

29 Oct

This video gives a demonstration on how to lock the iPad to a single app. This could be a very useful tool in the classroom to ensure students stay on the app you want them to.


Teacher TECH App

29 Oct

This app looks great. It is $1.99 from the app store and you can download it on your iPad or iPhone. It is simple to navigate and has 100’s of video tutorials on a range of topics to with iPads and other technology.

Here is a link to the iTunes app store page for the Teacher TECH app and this link takes you to the related website.


An Introduction to Dropbox

29 Oct

This video gives a brief introduction to Dropbox and the basics of using it.
The school has a Dropbox account for which I can give you the username and password if you need to upload or download files.

Please be aware of the Department Of Education guidelines on Cloud storage providers such as Dropbox which state:
Staff are advised that any form of public Cloud Storage,
must not be used to store corporate information, or any material relating
to the business of a school, including staff and student information.

If you don’t have your own Dropbox account and would like some help setting one up, leave a comment here or let me know.

Scoop It! & Pinterest

27 Oct

Here are links to my Pinterest iPad ideas page and my Scoop.It! iPads in Edu page. There are plenty of links to interesting articles, ideas for using iPads effectively in your classroom and other topics to do with iPads.pinterest-button-square



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