Aubin Grove Primary School – iPad Open Day

12 Nov

These are a few of the things I got out of the day I spent at Aubin Grove Primary School.

Background of the school:

* Brand new in 2011.

*550 kids K-6 with the majority k-2

*133 iPads – distributed 8 per class (more so in the lower primary)

*two class sets of mac books (aiming to be 1:1 with some sort of device throughout the school)

* PL provided by Winthrop Computing – those teachers became the helpers of others at PL within the school

Ideas in Preprimary/Year 1

Action research – amazing improvement, 10 minutes on Maths Bingo.

Sight word practise – Beat The Teacher – teacher created app

Maths Bingo

Story Buddy

Year 2/3/4 Ideas

Created ibooks on topics they were studying -as it provided material for students at an appropriate reading level and could be multimodal – teachers shared the books within the school (limited due to copyright laws)

Students then created their own presentations using a variety of resources.

Use of Aurasma or QR Codes to link to presentations.

Youtube channel  – create a private channel for the school.

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